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// About GoldFenix

GoldFenix Communications is a network of top-rank communications and marketing professionals

who bring together complementary skills to deliver results that exceed expectations. We work with senior executives on complex communications challenges and have proven records of success. 

Our services include:

Communications Planning and Management

Media and Presentation Training

Issue and Crisis Communications

Why the Fenix?

Fenix is Spanish for phoenix, the legendary bird that would live a millennium, die in flames, and then rise from the ashes for new life. It is a timeless symbol of rebirth and renewal.

The myth of the phoenix reflects the real-life solutions we offer our clients. They may not have been incinerated by a communications challenge, but they could have been singed. 

GoldFenix helps them rise from the proverbial ashes, to change people’s minds, to tell their stories, to regenerate their image,